Increased Reliability

Users that would normally be left without power in the event of a fault, for minutes to days while repair crews are dispatched, can now recover instantaneously as the system borrows excess capacity from a separate line. The Tie Controller can perform this service even between lines which are otherwise incompatible due to voltage or phase-angle differences.  

Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Hosting

The Tie Controller provides a retrofit solution for legacy infrastructure to be able to accept and fully utilize distributed energy resources. In domestic or foreign microgrid applications, the Tie Controller is an enabling tool for “plug and play” interconnectivity of assets and agile system management in a wide range of environments.

Non-Wires Alternatives (NWA)

The Tie Controller’s ability to effectively balance loads between neighboring circuit feeders and/or substations can eliminate undue stress or inefficiency caused by overloading and peak load pockets on many systems. Deployment of the Tie Controller then can be an attractive alternative to overbuilding entire segments of the distribution system.

Emergency Response

With the increasing severity of natural disasters comes a growing need for rapid system recovery.  At just 20% the weight of a similarly sized transformer and requiring virtually no customization, the Tie Controller offers a mobile solution to quickly couple an entire circuit feeder (up to 10 MVA) directly to a genset installation.


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