Switched Source is a developer of medium voltage devices that improve utility operations through automation. Our state-of-the-art power electronics help distribution system operators better utilize legacy grid infrastructure by dynamic, automated, re-balancing of load between phases and distribution circuits. These solutions increase reliability, power quality, and efficiency, as well as increasing the system’s capacity for hosting renewable and distributed energy resources. Switched Source has grown in part through support from the DOE, NYSERDA, ARPA-E, ESTCP, and the DOD.


Reinforce ∙ Restore ∙ Reenergize ∙ Rebalance ∙ Revitalize ∙ RECONNECT 



To revitalize the electric grid and equip its operators to accelerate the clean energy transition. 



Switched Source envisions a more resilient and flexible grid that employs state-of-the-art technology to solve every day operational challenges and promote a more environmentally sustainable electrical system.



People first. Switched Source believes the genesis of a great company is the people and cultivates a culture that promotes trust, teamwork, dignity, and respect, within our diverse workforce as well as with vendors and clients.

Do the right thing. Our relationships inside and outside our company are based on trust, quality, dependability, integrity, and mutually beneficial results.

Show up fully. Switched Source encourages employees to utilize their full range of skills and talents for innovation toward the betterment of our culture and products. We support an open contribution of ideas, collaboration, and continuous learning to generate better value creation through the entire process, for all stakeholders involved.

Protect what’s important. Switched Source is a socially and ethically responsible company committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products and business activities while enhancing the utilization of renewable energy sources.



Switched Source is dedicated to a culture of quality across all internal and external processes to ensure that through continuous improvement, our products and customer requirements are delivered on time and meet or exceed quality expectations. 

Our approach to quality begins with our internal processes and manufacturing, and through that extends to our customers.  Our customers are power system operators responsible for the safe and reliable delivery of electricity that businesses and homes rely on each and every day.  They can rest assured that Switched Source aims to protect the integrity of their operations and provide them with distribution automation products that can increase the reliability, safety, efficiency, and flexibility of the grid.

Our dedication to quality assures that all hardware and software that our customers receive have achieved the highest quality and design standards. We developed and implemented our Quality Management System (QMS) to put these core principles into practice at all levels of the organization: 

  • Competence, Awareness & Training Requirements for All Personnel
  • Project Risk Management and Mitigation Framework
  • Identification and Fulfillment on Customer Requirements and Specifications
  • Strict Engineering Design & Development Controls
  • Procurement Controls to Monitor and Enforce Quality Standards with All Approved Vendors
  • Customer Satisfaction Assessment and Continuous Improvement
  • Monitoring and Measurement of Internal Quality Enforcement and Stage Testing
  • Non-Conformity and Corrective Action Processes, Strict Traceability Requirements


Switched Source is full compliance with the ISO9001:2015 standard and is in the process of registering for certification. For more information on Switched Source’s QMS and associated standards, please reach out to our service team at [email protected]



As part of our “people first” orientation, safety is our number one priority. Switched Source builds safety into our products, installations, and onsite training, while striving to meet the highest standards for workplace safety.

Switched Source is an ISNetworld® approved vendor, meeting program implementation and reporting standards for regulatory requirements, safety protocols and best practices.

We firmly believe that information security is a core component of safety in modern business, especially in the context of energy systems. Switched Source is dedicated to maintaining strict cybersecurity standards, to comply with NIST 800-171 energy while reducing the need to re-build entire segments of the distribution system, which is especially valuable in urban and hard-to-permit areas.



Follow our journey from first product's IP development to provider of devices that improve utility operations through automation, and our first exhibition of products at a major industry tradeshow.


Core IP developed at Michigan State as basis for Tie Controller. Product development begins on Tie Controller.


Prototype demonstration for Southern Company and Ameren. Switched Source LLC founded. Release of the Tie Controller.


Contract manufacturing partners and supply chain established. Phase-EQ development begins.


Tie Controller MVP completed


NYSERDA grant awarded to fund expanded Phase-EQ R&D


ARPA-E & ESTCP joint program funds Switched Source power flow control technology deployment on US military base


Switched Source awarded $8.6M commercialization grant by ARPA-E. Switched Source wins first competitive bid process for distribution automation contract with major Investor-Owned Utility. Switched Source doubles core team to 10 employees.


First Phase-EQ successfully installed and commissioned with electric distribution utility in New York.


Phase-EQ units installed with utilities in Iowa, Florida, and Alaska. Chicago manufacturing facility established.



Charlie Murray

Charlie Murray



Lane Nelson

Lane Nelson



Joe Lamoreux

Joe Lamoreux



Stanton Cady

Stanton Cady, PhD

Principal Electrical Engineer


Olatunji Fulani

Olatunji Fulani, PhD

Electrical Engineer


Annie Jao

Annie Jao, CPA

Director of Finance


Chuck Hood

Chuck Hood

Mechanical Engineering Lead


Gilberto Hernandez

Gilberto Hernandez

Mechanical Design Lead


Matt Magill

Matt Magill, PhD

Director of Controls Engineering


Marco Tavernini

Marco Tavernini

Director of Product Engineering


Michael Doucette

Michael Doucette

Director of Power Electronics





Bryan Olnick

Bryan Olnick



Chris Kelly

Chris Kelly




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